About Us

Luxury Jewels 24 Magazine is an online gateway to the world of fine jewelry, connecting consumers, brands, designers and retailers worldwide.

Luxury Jewels 24 Magazine consists of three sections: the Magazine, the Videos and the Shopping Center: Galleries 24.

The Magazine is an online publication featuring exclusive articles that educate consumers on high-end jewelry in categories significant to the trade, including bridal, fashion, trends, brands, gemology, and estate jewelry.

The Videos section presents original videos of designers and their jewels, as they relay their inspiration and the legacy of their brands.

Galleries 24 is an online shopping center that offers a convenient, cost-effective way for jewelry designers to present a virtual storefront to a global audience, reaching potential clients around the world 24 hours a day. Consumers can purchase the jewelry in Galleries 24 either from a local authorized retailer, or directly from the designers if a local retailer is not available.

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