Ramon Joiers
What Goes Around Comes Around
Classic yet cutting edge, unique, and versatile all describe the jewelry of Ramon Joiers. Inspired by the multifaceted lifestyles of contemporary women, Ramon’s collections deliver on fashion and flexibility in artfully crafted designs.
“We want to make something a woman can wear and enjoy for all occasions, day and night,” explains Carlos Ramon for the fifth generation family-run company based in Barcelona. “Women today are busy in both their professional and personal lives. They need jewelry they can wear in many situations that allows them to always look chic whatever they are doing. The best thing anyone can say about a piece of our jewelry is that they never take it off!”
With a fresh take on familiar silhouettes, Ramon explores texture, proportion and pattern in gold and gems, with the circle a favorite motif. A universal symbol of inclusion, wholeness, focus, and endurance, the circle provides endless design possibilities in rings, earrings, pendants, and bracelets—which can be worn in different ways, as an open cuff with interchangeable diamond pavé balls at the ends or as a seamless bangle. A variety of colors in yellow, white and rose gold and diamonds are available , encouraging the layering of different pieces in the collection to create individual style statements.
“It’s all about choices in designs that reflect today’s active lifestyle,” explains Ramon, who notes that the brand’s unique chain is among its most successful designs as it can be worn long, layered or lariat style. He says it’s important for the company to stay in touch with what customers want while interpreting what’s happening in fashion. Its design range extends from bold geometric looks to luscious gem-set pieces to whimsical animal jewels.
Although the company, founded in 1888, evolved from a focus on handmade one-of-a-kind pieces in platinum to producing more affordable products in high design via the latest manufacturing technologies, it still maintains the same superior standards in materials and craftsmanship. “We never skimp on quality, finish or materials for the sake of price,” he says.
Innovation helps the brand reinvent itself, tells Ramon, noting a patented system his father created to make a diamond tennis bracelet. “It has internal movements so tiny you can’t even feel them,” he explains. “At the time, it was a true novelty in the sector. We still make it today.” He also notes that the company started using colored stones long before other manufacturers considered it, in addition to experimenting with wood and steel. And even when it uses traditional materials like gold, diamonds and color, it prefers to use them in original ways.
Its reputation for superior quality and value also positioned Ramon Joiers as the go-to manufacturer for leading international jewelers to produce their private label brands.
“Our focus has always been on providing high-quality jewelry with global appeal,” says Ramon. “There are no preconceived rules in the design of our jewelry. The past and present are the basis for the future. We strive for acute artistic sensitivity and extraordinary creativity in every design we produce.”
Since the brand began its international expansion 40 years ago—exporting at first to Germany, Mexico, Puerto Rico, the United States, and the Middle East—it is now sold at more than 300 fine jewelry retail points of sales on five continents.
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