Bridal Trends: Rough Diamonds
Not every bride wants a round brilliant cut in a four-prong mounting. In fact, for some unique brides, a classic white diamond is the height of unoriginality. These bridal customers welcome a return to the elemental aspects of the diamond, carefully handcrafted in eye-catching angles and shapes. Earthy, raw diamonds retain their terrestrial beauty and appeal to eco-conscious brides-to-be as well as free-spirited bohemian women for whom over-polished and mass-produced styles hold little appeal.
Perhaps nowhere is this design aesthetic brought to the forefront more than in the studio of Colorado-based craftsman Todd Reed. Specializing in raw diamonds, Reed’s expertise in working with the gems in their native form shines through in every substantial, thoughtful creation.
For the bridal customer, Todd Reed has plenty of alternatives to offer. Traditional designs and shapes are tilted on their conceptual end with sizable, 2.5+ct. raw diamond octahedrons set in four-prong mounts in 18k gold. Channel-set raw diamond cubes add textural interest, as well.
Burnished rings in palladium or recycled gold are ideal bases for a wide range of natural color diamonds. Styles range from substantial options such as a 1.55ctw fancy black diamond ring or a 2.72ctw natural color rose cut diamond set in 18K gold to more subtle bands studded with intriguingly textured raw diamond cubes.
Diamond in the Rough is another top-tier choice for those interested in raw diamond engagement rings. Another specialist in the field, Diamond in the Rough’s creations reflect the brand’s affection for raw gems and command of design that showcases their natural beauty.
The brand’s stunning bridal collection features more traditional engagement styling, including more delicate bands in polished platinum and gold, along with refined diamond accents. The showpiece of each of the bridal selections, however, is a natural rough diamond, set in any of a variety of ways to complement the natural cut of the stone. Color plays a prominent role, as well, with the natural beauty of the rough diamonds allowed to shine through a range of neutrals, ambers, browns, and even pink colorations. Exquisite among the collection are micro pave bands with rings of refined diamonds that encircle a center loop of natural rough diamonds that offer a glittering array of warm neutral tones.

While not necessarily the choice of every bride-to-be, there are those for whom raw diamonds are viscerally attractive. With more designers embracing the challenge to design for each unique gem, bridal choices are definitely on the uptick, making raw diamond engagement rings a more accessible and always singular selection.
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