Jewelry as an education of the senses
Tanagro was established in New York in 1984 as a manufacturing company producing jewelry for many brands. Tanagro’s production is performed in-house in Manhattan, with Tanagro's atelier creating some of the most exquisite pieces for its private and highly discerning clientele. 
nagro was founded by the DiBenedetto family over 25 years ago, the name having been inspired by the Tanagro river that flows through the Italian town from which the family traces its origins.  The Tanagro collections offer a unique blend of classical artistry and engineering, owing in part to the co-founder’s unconventional background in the aerospace industry.  This influence has inspired the company's direction and philosophy, resulting in an innovative approach to ancient art forms.
The Tanagro showroom is located at 57th street in New York City. Tanagro is also available in Cellini in New York City, and Hochfield in Aspen Colorado. In Japan, Tanagro is currently sold through Mitsukoshi and Matsuzakaya. 
Tanagro acquires its inspiration from the world of architecture, geometry and fashion, which lends a very unique, elegant and clean esthetic to its collections.  A new vision for jewelry, Tanagro combines the best of old-world tradition with contemporary style.  All jewelry creations are handcrafted and contoured to look and feel their best when w
orn, invoking "a seduction of the senses" that endeavors to complement a woman by emphasizing her femininity with an elegant uniqueness.

The new collections span a universe of style, with each necklace, pendant, cuff, ring and earring captivating both the wearer as
well as the observer. Bold interweaving of metal with gemstones, as well as metal on metal, draws the eye to look closer and appreciate the subtle layering of visual effects and workmanship. Tanagro’s designs and technique imply motion, a graceful fluid movement such as that of the river for which the company is named. The collections possess a three-dimensional quality that elevates the art of jewelry to another level.
There are more than three hundred pieces in Tanagro's eight collections, which include diamonds, the finest natural-colored rubies, sapphires, and emeralds, as well as gem-quality semi-precious stones, such as aquamarine, green tourmaline, rubellite, and mandarin garnet. All pieces are set in Platinum, 18kt yellow and white gold, and silver and gold.  No detail is left unexplored, from hidden clasps, to swivel-back comfort-fitting ear clips, and fluid connecting links that are the hallmark of Tanagro.
The Art Deco collection is a compilation of pieces that define a new century of creativity with bold, linear architecture, stretching geometric concepts to their limit. The extraordinary technique applied to this collection derives from the early 20th Century, which fuses an 18kt yellow gold base with silver, then oxidizes it to give each piece an antique appearance. Tanagro's craftsmen manipulate the natural process of oxidation to produce a softer, more aesthetically appealing black, allowing these "period" pieces to perform time travel. What's old is new again.

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