The Ascension of the Asscher Cut
In 2006, the round brilliant diamond accounted for a shockingly low 47% of engagement ring sales. According to the Diamond Information Center, it was the first time that sales of rounds had dipped under 50%.
In contrast, square shapes—including princess, cushion, Asscher, and proprietary cuts—which accounted for only 9% of engagement ring sales in 1999, had shot up to an incredible 30% by 2006. Today, a full third of American brides-to-be are reported to be opting specifically for the Asscher cut.
Originally designed in 1902, this Art Deco rectilinear style has a vintage feel without appearing old-fashioned.
It’s no surprise that the Asscher has become the darling of wealthy engaged celebs, especially considering “Sex and The City” is widely credited with bringing the cut back into vogue.
Elizabeth Hurley boasts a 15ct. stunner—the star selected a generously sized 15ct. Asscher cut diamond for her diamond engagement ring, with pave diamonds set into a platinum band. Jessica Alba has a 5ct. Asscher rock encrusted with smaller sparklers, and Ashlee Simpson-Wentz now wears a 4ct. Asscher stone surrounded by a band of smaller diamonds thanks to Fall Out Boy, Pete. Most recently, actress Kate Bosworth attended the 2010 Vanity Fair Oscar Party at the Los Angeles Sunset Tower Hotel wearing Royal Asscher Pavo earrings with Royal Asscher Cut diamonds.
Because of the popularization of the Asscher cut— due in large part to its celebrity fans and television appearances—many fashionable brides-to-be are choosing it for their engagement rings. 

For those not able to find the perfect vintage item, a new (but still classic) vintage-style Asscher piece is a terrific option. This classical style with a contemporary twist is a fashionista favorite that shows no sign of slowing down any time soon.
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