Famous Pink Diamonds
1. In the sixteenth century, the largest pink diamond ever found was unearthed from the alluvial diamond fields near Golconda, India.  Called the “Darya-i-Nur” (Sea of Light), this pale pink behemoth weighs between 175 and 195ct. and resides in the Crown Jewels of iran.

2. The “Grand Conde,” a 9.01ct. pear shape fancy pink diamond, was given to the French general Louis II de Bourbon in 1634, after the  battle of Rocroi.  In 1886, a royal descendant of his gave the stone to the Institut de France, which has housed it ever since.

3. Named after the Canadian geologist who discovered the Mwadui kimberlite pipe in Tanzania, the 23.60ct. flawless Round Brilliant cut “Williamson” was certainly fit for a queen.  In 1947, Elizabeth the II of Great Britain received this pastel pink diamond as a wedding gift, which was set into a Cartier brooch that she still wears today.

4. The second largest natural pink diamond in the world, the approximately 60ct. “Nur-ul-Ain” (Light of the Eye), served as the centerpiece on the wedding day tiara of the former Iranian Empress Farah Dibas, designed by Harry Winston in 1958.

5. After a painstaking 20 months, the “Steinmetz Pink” was unveiled in 2003.  At nearly 60ct., it is the largest diamond with a vivid pink rating.  It has since been worn by supermodel Helena Christensen and actress Jenna Elfman.

6. In 2008, just after the Supreme Court of California (temporarily) lifted the ban on same sex unions, comedian Ellen DeGeneres proposed to actress Portia de Rossi with a Neil Lane ring bearing a 3ct. marquis cut natural pink diamond.
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