Brooches Highlight the Hair
Although brooches have always had a prominent place on the lapel, they have experienced a new incarnation, appearing instead in the hair. Having been adapted to be worn on the head, brooches have popped up on runway and red carpet coifs, drawing attention to glossy hairstyles in a dramatic way.
At the Oscars, screen siren Diane Kruger accented her Chanel Haute Couture ivory crepe gown with Chanel Fine Jewelry’s vintage-inspired white gold, black and white diamond “Camelia Nervure” flower brooch. Opting for Chanel again, this time in Cannes, the former model placed an 18K white gold and diamond plume in her locks to top off her black and white look at AMFAR’s red carpet event.
Aussie actress Rose Byrne graced the Golden Globes wearing Neil Lane’s 15 carat diamond ribbon as a side barrette. Likewise, colorful singer Pink went with a Neil Lane diamond starburst, placed strategically at the hairline, to the Grammy Awards. Likewise, jewelry designer Somos Creations has celebrities clamoring over their star pins.
Starlets aren’t the only ones capitalizing on this hot trend, though. Realizing that fresh flowers aren’t likely to make it through the day in an up-do, many brides are also turning to brooches as an elegant way to accessorize their locks. While some opt for vintage silver pieces, others are choosing dazzling new looks with diamonds and pearls.
Hair brooches aren’t just for special occasions, though; they can be sported as accessories in everyday life, too. In up-dos, brooches can be secured in place with bobby pins or by using one of the clever slide-on comb pin adapters. Brooches may also be pinned to headbands, scarves, and ponytail holders. Popping a pretty piece in the hair not only draws attention to the face, but also shows off a great piece of jewelry in an entirely new way.
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