Bridal Trends: Palladium
In the bridal jewelry market, one metal in particular has never been hotter. Although it has been on the scene since the 1930s, palladium has recently made a big name for itself as a gorgeous alternative luxury alloy, well suited to the engagement arena.
Palladium’s newfound popularity can be directly attributed to its affordability. As of November 18, 2011, platinum cost $1,577 per ounce and gold weighed in at $1,717 an ounce, while palladium was priced at $595 an ounce.
Because of its rarity, palladium is considered “precious.” Part of the platinum group of metals (PGMs), the ore is found primarily in Russia and South Africa. It is primarily in China and the U.S., however, that eager buyers have increased demand.
For bridal shoppers, in particular, palladium is an excellent option for several reasons. First off, it has an incredible natural silvery-white luster that is every bit as attractive as platinum. Second, as a sturdy metal, it does not easily succumb to wear and tear. Third, palladium is incredible ductile and can be fabricated into almost any shape, size, or pattern. Finally, because it is hypoallergenic, this metal is safe and comfortable enough to wear every day.
Thus, for fiancés looking for a unique, right-priced option, a palladium engagement ring may be the perfect fit.

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