Diamond in the Rough
Rahaminov Diamonds
Supplying premium diamonds to a select circle of luxury retailers around the globe has been the stock-in-trade of Rahaminov Diamonds since 1950.
In the 1980s, however, Moshe Rahaminov’s daughter, Tamara, entered the family business and enhanced the brand by expanding into other areas.  This began when she moved to Los Angeles, where she married her husband, Amir, and opened a new office in partnership with him.  Over the next 15 years, as the company evolved, Tamara Rahaminov-Goldfiner expanded the brand’s focus from wholesaling loose diamonds into manufacturing classic platinum, gold, and diamond jewelry.  The firm has continued to evolve and, more recently, is developing stunning lines of fashion diamond jewelry.
Based on the sheer size of Rahaminov stones, it would seem natural for the brand’s transition into finished jewelry to result in collections displaying extravagant pieces.  Under Tamara’s careful design direction, however, “natural” and “organic” are the guideposts.  
Tamara’s passion is evident in Rahaminov’s finished pieces, particularly those in her recent Kifani collection.  Polished rough diamonds in black and varying shades of brown, yellow, green reddish and gray provide both glitter and understated brilliance. Most of the diamonds in the Kifani collection are only partially cut.  In order to preserve each stone’s basic shape, faceting is done according to the natural configuration of the diamond. While traditional white and fancy colored diamonds are internally transparent, the Kifani stones light reflective properties range from translucent to opaque.  The result is a look that breaks the rules:  shades of gold skillfully blended with variable polishes, unusual shapes, many angles, and multiple facets.  The wide range of colors is floral and earthy.
For traditionalists, Rahaminov has a wide variety of platinum, gold, and diamond rings, earrings, necklaces, tennis bracelets, solitaire pendants framed in pavé diamonds, and eternity bands. Rahaminov’s access to diamonds of most any shape, size, and color gives the company the flexibility to create an endless range of both bridal and everyday jewelry.
Rahaminov also recently launched the Key collection, which integrates basic elements of timeless beauty with a modern flair.  The collection’s bold and beautiful pieces are a core component for any fine jewelry store inventory.  With elaborate and elegant designs, each item is a classic, yet seemingly one-of-a-kind design, resulting in an exceptional collection overall.  This being more moderately priced, pieces in this collection are under $10,000.  For younger women who are just starting to buy and collect fine diamond jewelry, they now have a chance to own Rahaminov pieces, too.
In another recent collection—the Ilaria collection—Tamara has created diamond jewelry that is both classic and fashionable.  This luxury diamond collection offers an assortment of big, beautiful diamonds set in a soft brushed gold finish, creating pieces that are fun for the sophisticated woman.  This innovative collection has been created for those who can afford luxurious diamonds and wish to wear them casually as well as formally.
The firm has expanded use of all of its lines into various colors of gold, especially rose gold.  The warm, rich, copper-infused metal provides a subtle pop of color, which offers both contemporary and traditional appeal.  Rahaminov’s Kifani and Ilaria collections are available in rose gold, in addition to traditional white, yellow gold, and platinum. All of the metals in the Ilaria collection have a brushed finish, which creates a softer, more casual look.  In contrast to the fire of the diamonds, notes Tamara, the brushed surfaces don’t reflect light the way that glossy metal finishes do.   Tamara herself is quite fond of rose gold and admits that her very favorite piece of jewelry is her own set of dangling diamond and rose gold earrings.  Naturally.
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