Yael Sonia reaches all the senses with her kinetic jewerly
While the pleasure in most jewelry is predominantly visual, Yael Sonia’s collections offer a sensory experience with creations that roll, spin and produce melodic sounds.
Rather than set stones in rigid jewelry with prong or bar settings, Yael Sonia has chosen to set her gems free by creating 18-carat gold structures that allow different colored spheres to roll and spin around her jewelry.  The collection is fittingly named Perpetual Motion and includes  bracelets, necklaces and rings.
Swinging pendulums and spinning tops
Along the same theme, Yael Sonia has also created a Swinging Pendulum line and a Spinning Top range, all within the Perpetual Motion collection, The Swinging Pendulum encases an individual sphere in an 18-carat gold frame that allows the gem to move back and forth like a clock’s pendulum. The Spinning Tops encapsulate a sphere in rings and necklace pendants that spin like whirling top toys. Each creation is continually in motion, creating optical and audio delights for its owners.  The Perpetual Motion collection has been a huge success and won the Tahitian Pearl Trophy award for the best international design. 
Childhood fun
The inspiration for the Perpetual Motion collection came from children’s toys; Yael Sonia wanted to recapture some of the magic and fascination a child has when receiving a beautiful and interactive new toy. She also provides a personalization service for some of her creations so that her clients can take pleasure in making up their own colourful designs.
The journey
Born to French parents in Boston, Yael Sonia moved to Sao Paulo as a child when her father, a banker, was transferred there. Her mother was a gemmologist and encouraged her artistic daughter, even producing one of the young girls designs for her 16th birthday. She studied at New York’s Parsons School of Design and then returned to Sao Paulo to put her newfound skills to work. Today, Yael Sonia has her own boutique on 922 Madison Avenue. She spends her time between her home in Brazil, the boutique in New York and Paris, and is constantly traveling around the world to the most prestigious jewelry shows to present her jewelry. 
Let’s go fly a kite
Other whimsical creations include the Kite Collection that represents the joy of flying a kite. Earrings, necklaces and rings are shaped in playful kite shapes that reflect the light as they move. The Rock Collection is designed with large Brazilian gemstones that have been irregularly faceted, or roughly “hammered” to create the idea of a natural rock. The inspiration came from a woman’s desire to have a big “rock” on her finger for her engagement ring. These fun and whimsical designs have brought a totally fresh interpretation to jewelry design and have captured the childlike spirit of women the world over.
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