Rodney Rayner reigns over the rainbow
One of the hottest jewelry designers from the UK, Rodney Rayner is renowned for his colour-infused style and outstanding savoir-faire. 
Rodney Rayner has built his reputation on finding rare and beautiful colored stones that he cuts to his own designs and then sets in truly original creations. Deep purple amethysts, fiery cabochon citrines, apple green tsavorites, subtle pink opals, champagne diamonds and vivid colored sapphires are just some of the stones that have caught the eyes of his numerous international clients.
Rayner started his career at the age of 26 in the coastal town of Norwich, England where he worked in the jewelry store of a family friend. Tempted by the bright lights of London, he then headed south to one of the capital’s most prestigious jewelers, before making the decision to branch out on his own. It has now been 28 years since and he hasn’t looked back once.
The creative process
Each and every ring, necklace or pair of earrings is first hand-carved in wax. “I like the flexibility to change, alter and perfect the shapes as we create the jewel,” explains Rayner. “I want to check the scale, shape and proportions of each piece to make sure it is both gorgeous and wearable,” he continues. Each piece has what he calls “hidden surprises” so that no matter which way the wearer looks at her jewelry, she will discover an interesting detail on every face of the creation.
The production process uses a mix of the very latest techniques combined with the finest traditional skills. “Many of our pieces have to be made in multiple parts, where they are partially set, assembled and then the final stones can be added,” shares Rayner.  Many of the creations are designed with multiple levels and feature such complicated structures that many customers wonder how he manages to set the stones.
A design apart
The brand is constantly evolving stylistically with different designs being introduced all the time. When everyone else was working with diamonds in the 1990s, Rayner was creating numerous multicoloured pieces – a style that he successfully continues today.  A man used to breaking with tradition, he also loves to use his signature “silky pavé” setting to create surprising contrasts and to layer tones on tones with stunning effects.
Some of Rayner’s clients buy five to six pieces a year and love to mix and match the colors to create their very own unique style. “The greatest compliment that I am regularly paid by my customers is that our collections are distinctive and original,” shares Rayner. A fine compliment indeed.
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