Ten questions for Ivanka Trump
Luxury Jewels 24 Magazine chatted with Ivanka Trump, President and CEO, Ivanka Trump Fine Jewelry to discover which creations she loves the most, what inspires her and what she is most proud of. 

How is business for you?
We opened in September 2007 with a boutique on Madison Avenue. We spent the next two years fighting the economy and understanding our customer and finding the niche we could fill. My jewelry is design oriented; there aren’t a lot of fresh entrants in this niche. We created a store that reflects this. Those two years allowed us to best understand which of our product lines are compelling and which our customers are most interested in.

Is your jewelry available worldwide?
About eight months ago, we developed a wholesale line to sell across the world. We have some terrific jewelers we are working with and we are growing like wild fire with these independents.

What has the response been from your clients?
The response to our products has been really rewarding.

How would you describe your jewelry?
We wanted to create heirloom chic pieces. Our tagline is ‘Rock Tradition.’ We wanted to give a feminine and modern twist to the designs from the ‘20s and the ‘60s. We have designs that are very distinct and unique, designs you can’t get anywhere else.

What inspires you?
Most of my inspiration stems from architecture. I have a black and white collection, very art nouveau, and the Chrysler building was a particular inspiration. New York has some of the greatest architecture.

What trends are you seeing right now?
I think we are seeing a return to quality and timelessness, and an avoidance of trend and flash in seasonal things. We are seeing this in real estate as well. Jewelry and watches are no exception. Our jewelry is timeless, the quality is impeccable and we go to great lengths to ensure this. I wanted to have pieces that my mother and her peers could wear, but would also appeal to my generation.

What is your favorite collection?
The Castle Collection is one of my favorites and fits the heirloom chic element that we try to integrate into all of our designs. We have an amazing collection of large cocktail rings, which are fun and playful and very New York.
What is the price range of your collections?
Core: $500 - $30,000.

Do you have any favorite jewelry brands?
I never wear anything else other than my jewelry, unless it is a vintage piece, something from my family.  I design for what I want, so it’s more exciting to me than wearing other pieces.

What are you most proud of?
My efforts with the United Nations to support the Girl Up Foundation, 100% of the profits of the sale of the bracelets, for $30, goes to Girl Up, of which I was a founding partner.
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