Piaget’s Garden Party is a collection to celebrate
Cherry blossoms, garden birds, roses and ivy are just some of the fauna and flora that have inspired Piaget’s designers in this romantic collection created around the theme of a garden party.
Parties continue to be a dominant subject for Swiss jeweller Piaget. Firstly, there was the Limelight Jazz Party collection with its baguette-cut black spinels and white diamonds for a piano jazz theme and then there was the Cocktail Inspiration Limelight collection with rings in the form of real cocktails (twists of lemons and straws included). This third collection is called the Limelight Garden Party and is a playful way for the brand to continue celebrating with an alfresco collection of innovative creations that will delight and enchant the brand’s fans.
Spring blossoms
To celebrate the garden in springtime, Piaget’s designers have chosen the semi-precious stone chalcedony, a silicia mineral related to quartz, to form delicate cherry blossoms on an original necklace and ring.  Piaget’s cherry blossom necklace combines this magical white material with 18-carat white gold, round-cut pink sapphires, hundreds of brilliant-cut diamonds, oval and round-cut pink tourmalines and pearls. The matching ring presents one beautiful cherry blossom on an emerald-set stem that winds itself around the finger.
Bird song
Diamond earrings and a brooch depict garden birds chirping on the branch of a tree. Brilliant-cut and pear-shaped diamonds are arranged with pearls to capture this typical garden scene in all its elegance. A bird is also represented in a cocktail ring, sitting on the edge of a cushion-cut, 33-carat rubellite with brilliant-cut diamonds, pear-shaped emeralds and round-cut pink sapphires.
Glowing lanterns
One of the simplest, and yet most eye catching pieces, in the collection is a lantern necklace that has a tiny light inside that can be turned on to light up the pendant when the sun goes down over the garden. This innovative necklace comes with different colored lights to match the perfect summer dress.
Fanciful foliage
Roses, ivy, and leaf-inspired necklaces, earrings and timepieces complete this fresh collection crafted with cascading diamonds and emeralds. The Limelight Garden Party collection showcases Piaget’s design expertise and technical savoir-faire that has earned the brand its reputation in the world of luxury jewelry.
About Piaget
Piaget was founded in 1874 as a fully integrated watch manufacture, before expanding its operation to include jewelry in the 1960s. The company joined the luxury group Richemont in 1988, enabling Piaget to continue to develop its tradition and character. Piaget has launched a number of renowned jewelry collections over the years such as the Possession, Miss Protocole and Limelight collections, which have gained recognition worldwide.
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