Verragio Offers Today’s Brides Modern Fashion with a Classic Appeal
Barry Verragio has been bringing to life the dreams of brides and grooms for more than two decades designing fine bridal jewelry first for other design houses and finally, and currently, for his own.

Today a force in the bridal market, Barry Verragio studied at the Fashion Institute of Technology and honed his craft as an apprentice, eventually developing his Lumino Setting, a setting technique that suspends the diamond, revealing all sides of the stone, thereby opening every facet to light. The design was the basis for beginning his own venture in the jewelry industry and is still used in more than 95% of Verragio styles today.

The designer has said his philosophy is that “a beautiful mounting should only enhance the beauty of a diamond in the same way a beautiful dress makes a woman even more beautiful.”

For each Verragio ring style the idea is create a design that is fashion-forward, but maintains a classic foundation. The designer says he relies on close relationships with his retail partners to keep him up-to-date with the precise demands and changing patterns in what today’s consumer is looking for in an engagement ring.

Still, one way to make it to the top and, perhaps more importantly, maintain your status there is to never rest on your past accomplishments. As such, Barry Verragio looked ahead again and decided to place focus on what he considered an underutilized aspect of the engagement ring: its shank. Verragio’s Venetian Collection allows the wearer to further customize her style by choosing among five different shank designs ranging from simple and classic to detailed and delicate.

The company points to the Venetian Collection as “the perfect combination of Old world craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology.”

“The Venetian Collection is very unique, even for Verragio,” says Barry Verragio. “This is the first time we have designed a collection that will offer a choice of immediate customization.”

Being a part of the bridal moment is motivational for Verragio, the company and the designer, who says a couple’s response to a ring design and their excitement in the moment drives him as a designer. “When you see that type of reaction to a ring,” he says, “you know that you have played a role in one of the most momentous occasions in their lives. You will forever be a part of their memories.”
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