Tacori: A Family Passion, A Bridal Tradition
For four decades, the Tacorian family has been dazzling brides with engagement rings and wedding bands that fuse classic elegance with contemporary inspiration. The Tacori name that has become synonymous with quality in the jewelry market is the result of the dream and hard work of founder Haig Tacorian and his wife Gilda. Haig left Europe in 1969 to begin a new life in the U.S. and put his talent and imagination to work creating fine jewelry with a European flair.

Still family-run, Tacori’s designs today reflect the company’s European roots while also embracing its modern-day audience and West coast location. All pieces are designed in the company’s California studios with the initial one-dimensional sketch through to the mold creation that will form the ring and then the actual setting of the diamonds and gemstones being handled here.

With so many years experience behind them, the team at Tacori notes today’s bride is more savvy than ever before. “What makes today’s bride so unique is that she is looking for a style that is unique and identifiable; that speaks to her personality and lifestyle,” says Michelle Ravan, director of publicity for Tacori. “She doesn’t want what her mother had or her friend has, but she may re-set her mother’s heirloom stone into a more contemporary setting, or customize a ring similar to her friend’s that has the exact design elements that she is personally looking for. She wants a ring that is unique to her sense of style.”

Working with that desire for individualism is the fact that the details of Tacori pieces -- including aspects such as engraving and the company’s signature crescent design detailing -- have always been handled by Tacori’s master artisans, a practice that results in slight variances in each design and ensures that no two pieces are identical. The company notes “this personal touch transforms each piece into a singularly unique work of art.”

While Tacori has certainly established itself as a force in the bridal market, the brand’s assortment goes far beyond wedding jewels. Ravan notes that, much like those in the market for bridal rings, fashion jewelry consumers are looking for pieces with meaning and personality, “a true representation of their personal style.” Tacori’s 18k925 collection is one example of a line that is “versatile, makes a statement, can be worn from day to night, and makes a friend say, ‘Wow! I love your cocktail ring!’ today and a few years from now,” Ravan says. The collection’s name refers to its combination of 18k gold and .925 silver for a look the company describes as “bold, significant, and special.”

“Trendy jewelry can be found almost anywhere and trends come and go,” says Ravan, “but an investment in a timeless piece that has long-lasting value with an indefinable look will never go out of style.”

It’s that dedication to design that is modern yet timeless that has made Tacori a go-to designer for the bridal dreams of so many generations; a reputation the company works to maintain every day.

As such, Tacori says the key to success in today’s bridal market is to have an offering that “brings together all of the elements that brides and grooms are looking for,” Ravan says. “Having an identifiable look that you can call your own, such as Tacori’s signature crescent silhouette, that is ownable, wearable, and beautiful of course! Elements that transcend time and can be worn for generations.”
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