Hulchi Belluni
Aesthetic Perfection Through Feng Shui
The story of Hulchi Belluni found its origin in 2001, when Martine Hul finally fulfilled her ultimate dream. With creativity being one of her strongest talents, along with a distinguished style, her jewelry reflects both an eye for detail and an exquisite finish.  

Hulchi Belluni jewels are designed by hand through a process that involves precision and extreme accuracy.   Apart from its finely selected craftsmanship and exclusive aesthetic perfection, the intention is for every Hulchi Belluni jewel to reflect a symbolic message of protection and support, with each serving a purpose to fulfill a desire and reflect the wearer’s unique personality.

Hulchi Belluni, a Belgian jewelry brand, is based in the principles of Feng Shui, the oriental system of aesthetics that underscores an equilibrium of positive energy.  The Chi, or energy, around which these principles are centered, are applied to bring balance to the Hulchi Belluni designs and incorporate the five Feng Shui elements of wood, fire, water, earth, and metal.  

The first Hulchi Belluni adventure began with six collections based on square and round shapes. These jewels shine and glitter, while expressing their elegance, which is everlasting and irreplaceable.  The collections that followed were based more on innovation, the goal being to move past the initial classical influences and seek more daring designs, striking a balance between modernism and tradition in very wearable collections.  

The more recent collections are designed to offer more than meets the eye, and do so in their symbolic expression.   Reflecting a nod to Feng Shui, each jewel is intended to portray personal emotions and provide balance to both body and personal environment.  In the aptly named Feng Shui Collection, the symbols that are interpreted are the turtle, to represent stability, long life, and security; the tree of life, which is the all-embracing life principal; and both the sun, representing energy, light, and warmth, and water, being the source of life.

Some of the other recent collections vary from the resolutely emblematic to the inventive.  The Victoria Collection, for example, is a reflection of the symbolic mother and child image resting within the circle of life.  While distinctly individual, mother and child are irreplaceably linked, and this collection reflects the universality of that concept.   The Funghetti Collection is more whimsical, deriving from the Latin word for fungus, and representing the mushroom’s reproductive independence.  While mushrooms appear in groups, they reproduce without the help of another.  Similarly making the connection to plant life is the Fagiolo Collection, which correlates to the humble bean and its representation of fertility, wealth, luck and femininity.  It also expresses the variation in form and size of the bean family.  Finally, there is the fanciful Lollipop Collection, which is emblematic of the cycle of life.  Crisscrossing lines signify the unpredictable nature of life, while the black and white color scheme characterizes the aspects of evil and good we all encounter.  

Function becomes a source of inspiration in Hulchi Belluni designs, where aspects of life—shape, feelings, man, woman, art, looks, emotions, balance, energy, fluctuation, design, perfection, class, luxury, simplicity, elegance, eternity, timelessness, modernism, classics, radiance, beauty, and much more—are united into the ultimate artistic piece of art.
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