The Spectacular Performance of Jewellery Theatre
Founded in 1998 by Irina Dorofeyeva and Maxim Voznesenky, the Russian-based Jewellery Theatre maintains a philosophy that the company is a theater in which the actors are the jewelry.  The master craftsmen of Jewellery Theatre do not simply produce high class jewelry, but rather maintain a goal to create true works of art that are deliberate and self-contained.

The company first began out of Voznesensky’s workshop in Moscow, where he and his wife, with the help of an apprentice jeweler, produced pieces that quickly appealed to a VIP clientele.  A year later, Jewellery Theatre took part in the Jeweller-99 international exhibition in Moscow, and was awarded a diploma for constructive design for its invention of the “heel,” which allows pieces of jewelry to be displayed upright.  As Jewellery Theater suggests, each viewer of their jewelry is allocated a role in an unusual kind of show, and so this design was created out of a desire to give each piece of jewelry the unique ability to be seen and heard by the public.  

In 2001, Jewellery Theatre organized its first exhibition, titled:  The Diamond in the Russian Avant-garde, and jointly, with the diamond giant Alrosa Ltd. and the Museums of the Moscow Kremlin, organized an exhibition in the Dormition bell tower, titled:  Diamonds of Russia – the 20th Century.  At this point, with the company’s presence firmly established in Moscow, the firm opened its first studio in 2002.  

Over the past decade, Jewelry Theatre has received several awards and prizes.  In addition, the company was selected in 2004 to produce a wedding gift for Prince Felipe of Spain and his bride Letizia Ortiz, and in 2010 designed the Miss Russia crown.

Since October 2010, Jewellery Theatre has enjoyed a new location for its boutique, having settled down in one of the central streets of Moscow. The interior corresponds to the “theatrical” concept of the company and reflects its philosophy, whereby each jewel is an actor entrusted with a role in this extraordinary spectacle.  Upon entering the boutique, clients are made to feel is if they have walked into a precious jewel chest. The most impressive element is a staircase, as if suspended in mid-air, which lends lightness and transparency to the interior.

In its recent Autumn Collection, Voznesenky, also a painter, wanted to express autumn using only gold and precious stones.  The idea was to embody the transience of time and philosophical meditations on the meanings and symbols of life in autumn.  Baroque pearls framed by a diamond’s scattering recall the purple of ripened hips.  Original laces of golden leaves are embellished by inserted tourmalines, aquamarines and royal black pearls of Tahiti.  The whimsical pattern of the first ice is formed with large diamonds and delicate branches of blackened gold, interlaced impressively on the sapphire background of autumn sky.  Each piece reflects perfectly matched nuances, subtly arranged to complete an ideal image, all maintained to reflect the spirit of the Russian poets, painters and composers who used the season as a source of inspiration.

With every new year, Jewellery Theatre marks yet another achievement in the history of such a unique organization.  The company expects a future that that promises new successes, each surpassing prior accomplishments.
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