The Dynamic Style of Luca Carati
The main characteristics of all Luca Carati jewels are the details reflecting the absolute value of each piece.  The distinctiveness of the Luca Carati product is the trademark round shape engraved in each jewel to signify the authenticity, while the “a-jour” finishing on the hidden part of the product becomes a warranty synonymous with elegance and style.

Luca Carati was founded in Valenza, Italy, in 1988, emerging from a union between a young and dynamic sales management team and partners with 30 years of professional experience in jewelry craftsmanship.  The brand is well known and showcased in the most important international markets, as well as trade shows worldwide.

The stylistic research, creative process and design are the main features that identify a precise and contemporary style, one that is typically classic and feminine.  The goal with every Luca Carati design is to retain this classic feminine appeal, while developing a distinct style, one with firmness and continuity, passion and determination.

Today, as in the past, Luca Carati is one of the few goldsmiths to develop and produce its jewelry in-house.  Starting from the basic design, Luca Carati’s creations are the result of the goldsmith’s extraordinary ability to combine manual techniques with the newest technologies.  Beginning with the careful selection of material, as well as extreme care for details, Luca Carati jewels reveal their value in the perfect combination of gold and precious stones.

One of the more interesting collections is the Cabaret, a reflection of the entertainment that combined theater, music, comedy, and dance, which originated with the famous Folies Bergère and the Moulin Rouge in Paris. The Cabaret collection for Luca Carati is a collection of "cocktail" rings that combine the colors of gold, semiprecious stones, diamonds and sapphires in unusual and fascinating color combinations. The rings interpret a style that was born in the 1950s, and which was worn only on the right hand during the time once specified as the cocktail hour, between 5:30 and 7:00 in the evening. Today it is back on the scene as a valuable and essential eye-catching luxury accessory, a trend typically seen in the United States, where in the past the cocktail ring has achieved its triumph.

The Clouds Collection is a popular line that Luca Carati first presented many years ago.  It continues to change and evolve in yet the same playful and blissful manner with big clouds of diamonds that draw the pavés.  Now the collection presents pendants, rings and earrings in white gold, with white and black diamonds on black rhodium for one of the most recognizable designs of the Maison.
The recent Plié Collection, which comprises rings, earrings and pendants in various sizes, is one of excitement, amazement and surprise.  The initial concept involved playing with the idea of transforming an object viewed as immutable to create movement and change, without forgetting it is first and foremost a jewel.  Elegance, grace, precision and technique are the characteristics of this collection.  Plié demonstrates extraordinary innovation in jewelry—the pendant transforms from an ovoidal shape to a three dimensional flower. This movement is the result of realizing an idea through expert technical craftsmanship:  the aesthetic result, in its classic and elegant design, is obtained by harmoniously measuring the desire to create an innovative object while preserving the beauty of a jewel.
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