Mattia Cielo’s Industrial Designs
Mattia Cielo is the Italian jeweler of our times.  A young designer, Mattia Cielo presents something completely revolutionary in the world of jewelry.  His industrial design‐inspired pieces are dynamic, intended to sparkle with light and movement.  “Movement is the alchemy which quickens the matter of these creatures,” said Mattia Cielo.  “A breath of life frees these rings, bracelets and necklaces from their immobility as magnificent objects to transform them into totems, into word and sign, into emotion and energy freed from the confines of three‐dimensional space, able at last to give voice and generate new emotions, new energy.”

The Mattia Cielo collections merge the avant-garde of design and technology with the skill of traditional craftsmanship to take the ancient art of jewelry into the Third Millennium.  Mattia Cielo jewels unleash energy from their dynamic construction.  The highly-sophisticated settings are the framework for timeless jewelry.  Each piece flows naturally, wrapping around the body like a glove.  Light, movement and color give life to contemporary jewelry in a intermingling of mechanics, engineering and art.  

Mattia Cielo’s pieces are designed specifically for the self-confident woman interested in expressing her uniqueness through their distinctly different designs.  It is less about status and more about style.  

Mattia Cielo is the founder of the company that bears his name.  Having worked initially in the family company—Cielo Venezia 1270, one of the most important jewelry groups in Italy— founded by his father, Sergio, he decided to establish his own company in 2006 to create jewels for the Third Millennium.  He is the jeweler-entrepreneur who brought to his company the avant-garde concept of a highly technological, innovative jewel.

His friend and contemporary, Massimiliano Bonoli, was the creative mind capable of realizing his project.  As the artist-designer of Mattia Cielo jewelry, Massimiliano Bonoli is a true “architect” of jewelry, who in the application of industrial design to the jewel, seeks to modify productive processes in order to overcome their limits.  Via creative interpretation of engineering techniques, he turns the jewel into a living entity, capable of giving emotion.  He has won numerous awards and accolades in the main international jewelry design competitions.

Mattia Cielo’s partiality towards the architectural form is evidenced in Ghiaccio (Ice), a recent design that is futuristic, almost aggressive in its use of stretched forms, but at the same time expresses modernity in terms of its wearability and the softness with which it covers the body.  The use of titanium, a material known for its applications in aerospace and automotive technologies, allows a merging of eccentric shapes with light comfort.

An earlier, iconic design is Armadillo, which comprises calibrated golden shields that open and close to reflect motion.  Gold is colored in a sublimation technique to apply additional resistance to the surface of the metal. Springs with variable resistance, in gold, are added for greater strength.   

The company is soon opening a two-story standalone boutique on Via Montenapoleone, one of Italy’s top luxury shopping districts, and is expected to attract shoppers from around the world seeking to browse for their luxury product.  The shop will accommodate an atelier for custom orders.
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