Mattioli’s Modern Luxury
One of Europe’s top jewelry brands, Mattioli represents the essence in modern luxury.   Contemporary in its design but traditional in its approach, Mattioli is subtly sensual, featuring fluid lines amidst a sculpted aesthetic.

The traditional aspect of Mattioli’s jewelry-making arises from an extensive history.  Founded in 1860 in Torino, Italy as Antica Ditta Marchisio, Mattioli is the oldest manufacturing jeweler in the region.  In 1995, the Mattioli family took over Antica Ditta Marchisio, continuing to design with the same hallmark of quality and value.  In 2000, the company decided to develop an international brand which could express all of its incredible know-how, along with its “made in Italy” style, and so Mattioli was introduced to replace the former brand “Max Art.”

Specializing in hand-crafted gold jewelry, the company became renowned as the manufacturer of high-quality gold collections for the leading luxury brands of the world.  The primary characteristics of its fashionable jewels are its handmade quality, versatility, wearability, and a very interesting price range.

Ultra-sophisticated and innovative, Mattioli creations flow in a whimsical, comfortable way that feels like silk on the skin.  A simple concept—the link—is what governs each Mattioli collection.  Links of various shapes, sizes and materials are assembled in a distinctively Mattioli way.  This effect, combined with the creative use of color, sets Mattioli apart and above.  In addition, exotic materials such as mother-of-pearl, ebony, koogalon, and colorful precious stones are incorporated into each collection in an attempt to transform a classic element into modern art.

The design team at Mattioli is led by Licia Mattioli, who also leads the company, incorporating her personal vision of what jewelry should be:  fun, versatile and timeless.  Mattioli woos female customers by coordinating haute-couture fashion with its motifs, colors and shapes into the next trends in the wearability of jewelry.  She also integrates versatility into a majority of the pieces, from stylish chains that can be worn as a belt, necklace or lariat, to a pendant with a bail that opens, allowing women to add various elements, such as color, gold, or diamonds.

The versatility of Mattioli is evident in the way in which a woman can wear a single piece in many creative ways.  For example, one earring transforms into four different earrings or even a pendant; a single chain can be worn long, doubled, or as a choker, a bracelet or belt. Pendants become enhancers that update classic chains with the use of color and detachable bails.

The collections are perfect for today’s woman because pieces have multi uses and easily transform to complement any attire.  Licia Mattioli’s philosophy is simple:   "You change other accessories, why not change your jewelry?”

Aside from producing for the Mattioli collection, Antica Ditta Marchisio also is designing and producing for some of the most prestigious houses of the world. What once began as a small “atelier” of 20 people has now become a 140-employee business.

Often seen in fashion magazines, Mattioli designs are now very well known and widely appreciated on the Italian and European markets. The success obtained in those markets has encouraged the company to launch in the United States. Offered exclusively through selected prominent jewelers, the collections appeal to a fashion-conscious customer who has a self-assured sense of style.
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