The Trendy Versatility of Nanis
Established in 1990, by husband and wife team Piero Marangan and Laura Bicego, Nanis Jewellery prides itself on its perfect wearability.  Characterized as high-end Italian jewelry, Nanis jewels are of the finest quality and the most impeccable finishing.  Precious material and exclusive design is balanced between the shapes of the most classic Italian jewelry and the newest trends of today’s fashion, allowing for much versatility.  

Minimalism and trend are two words that describe Nanis pieces.  Piero Marangon describes their jewelry as “simple yet strong, recognizable and classic.”  The Nanis Collection aims to appeal to individuals from all walks of life by offering simplistic, modern designs, as well as elaborate pieces.  Nanis offers gold in shiny high-polished surfaces, hand-engraved pieces with deep cuts, and pavè diamonds in attractive settings. Tourmalines, topazes, citrines, garnets and many other natural stones in different sizes and colors are also included in the collection.

Originating from a family of jewelers in Vicenza, Italy, Piero Marangon sought to continue the jewelry-making tradition of his kin.  He studied marketing in New York, and then returned to his village to work in the industry.  After ten years, Marangon founded Nanis Jewellery with the help of his wife, Laura Bicego, who also descends from an established family of jewelers, and brother, Paulo Marangon, a former architect turned art director and jewelry designer.  Nanis maintains retail locations in Miami, Dubai, Vicenza, and Cairo, with more shops to open in Madrid, Moscow, St. Petersburg, and Caracas.  What began as a business of three has now transformed into a company of nearly sixty.

Both husband and wife are designers, but Laura Bicego asserts her husband reflects a more technical sensibility, while she labels herself fashionable.  Her true passion is creating jewelry, and she prides herself on the fact that her pieces are informal, providing flexibility for the wearer.  She designs her pieces with her own interest in mind, so that each is reflective of her personality.  

From the outset, Nanis aimed at building brand awareness through a unique mix of elegance and originality, featured by a radical black/white visual identity.  Such guidelines drive both the printed communication and the elements used to display its jewels, as well as the furniture of the mono brand stores and the worlwide dedicated corners and shop-in-shops.  Their philosophy reflects their desire for their jewels to be the main players in the brand project, fruit of the research for a balance between luxury and innovation.  They enclose the values of a meticulous care for detail and a taste for the research of new material, with the use of the most sophisticated technologies to give shape to unique pieces.

One of the concepts Nanis is known for is its famous Love Signs, a small gold mirror necklace with a sharp diamond point stylus created to distill the precious moments of one’s life into the perfect gift.  

In 2011, Nanis introduced a new segmentation of its collections.  Together with the well-established brand Nanis Italian Jewels that marks their finest and high-end collections, they expanded with the brands Nanis Petites to identify their tiny and price-point jewels, and Nanis&Silver for their silver creations and men’s jewelry.  

Nanis Petites offers the same impeccable craftsmanship, but in a smaller version, making it accessible for the youngest ladies who wish to provide a touch of sophistication and elegance to their everyday dress.  Nanis&Silver offer bigger dimensions and different shapes, allowing silver to come into contact with unusual materials and with various finishing.  Outstanding marcasite pavè, natural stones, ebony and leather are combined with silver surfaces for extraordinary effects.  Shiny, silky, mannered, filigree, burnished and ice-cut finishing give a new and modern look to the most traditional material.  
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