Palmiero’s Vibrant Timelessness
Palmiero Jewellery Design represents one of the most desired and demanded brands in the international high-end jewelry panorama.  The essence of Palmiero’s jewelry reflects shapes without time, each piece revealing an exercise in style, an excellence of ideas, and the evolution of shape.  

Palmiero jewels are gaining a position in the worldwide market due to their marvelous shapes, forms that not only anticipate fashion, but also surpass it, fascinating Russian, Arabian, Asian and American buyers.  The jewels are dedicated to those women with strong personalities, who are eager to be noticed.  Palmiero offers haute couture jewels that “speak” the language of sculpture through the vocabulary proper to the artists who mould the precious materials to give them a soul.  Palmiero pushes the diamonds and the natural stones in pavé form to their maximum level, applying strong colors to achieve a luxuriant “arlecchino” effect, or fading, thus creating fabulous optical effects.  Gold is molded with the remarkable skill of the goldsmith, draped, curved and tamed to the will of the inspirations of the designer, crossing the fleeting borders that divide handicraft and art.

For Carlo Palmiero, the founder of Palmiero Jewellery Design, the passion for jewelry has almost been a logical consequence. Growing up in Valenza—the Italian capital of high-end jewelry since 1800—most of the people he met were involved in one way or another in the jewelry business. With his adolescent curiosity, he often peered at the work of skilled artisans who were creating wonderful jewels.  After a compulsory education, he attended the technical College of Goldsmith Art in Valenza, expanding his knowledge of the techniques of craftspeople and the history of the jewel, carrying out his dream of becoming a Master Goldsmith.

Today, he expresses his gratitude to those who helped guide him alone the way:  “My special thanks and my deepest appreciation to those humble but great people who taught me the trade, thus playing a decisive role in my life giving a strong mark to my future job. These people didn't go down in history for any heroic act . . . [but] they left an inestimable heritage. . . .”

A very young Carlo Palmiero decided to open his own workshop in the Seventies.  His first achievements arrived during exhibitions in Italy and abroad.  Jewelry dealers and the major international press operators almost immediately noticed the creativity of the company, as affirmation of the methodology Carlo Palmiero was attempting with great effort, and he was rewarded for that creativity and for the balance he sought between tradition and innovation.

The company headquarters in Valenza runs 2000 square meters in size, incorporating a spectacular 500-year-old olive tree within it, a symbol of longevity and an icon of the Mediterranean landscape.  This alone is testament to the respect and integrity Carlo Palmiero has for all that the natural world has to offer.
In his workshop-atelier, Carlo Palmiero runs in synergy with his team.  He conceives of his creations as part of the world around him, rendered imaginative and fascinating, genial and courageous.  Detail is the key component of his interpretations of both the natural and man-made world.

The high level of technology employed in his company makes it one of the forefront realities in the manufacturing of the jewels, remaining at the same time a significant workshop, where manual ability achieves its highest level, thanks to a team of skilful and motivated goldsmiths and stone setters.  He still supervises the manufacturing process of his jewels, from the design to the complete creation, and conceives of all of his unique collections, giving to every single piece the best quality that the brand demands.  “My best satisfaction,” he recalled, “is when the customer also feels the hard work that there is behind the act of making my idea a beautiful jewel.”
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