The Unmistakable Colors of Picchiotti
Founded in Italy in 1967, the name Picchiotti represents a brand that defines the exceptional.  Quintessentially Italian in style, Picchiotti jewelry is renowned for its dynamic and innovative designs, which reflect unsurpassable creativity and exquisite craftsmanship.  Owing to this reputation, Picchiotti is known the world over as the premier jeweler of Italy.

Coming from a long line of distinguished physicians in Valenza, a village that bears over a century of jewelry-making, Giuseppe Picchiotti broke tradition at the age of 13 to apprentice at a goldsmith’s workshop.  His acute mind and insatiable desire to learn were evident to all as he quickly absorbed the intricacies of manufacturing techniques and demonstrated a keen eye for design. He moved on to study at the Istituto Professionale Orafo, obtaining the knowledge and training necessary to launch his own atelier with his sister, Annamaria.

Picchiotti is a family-run business, with Giuseppe Picchiotti working alongside wife Matilde, sons Umberto and Filippo, and daughter Maria Carola.  Each one is responsible for different aspects of the business and contributes greatly to its success.  “Since the very beginning,” said Picchiotti, “I always liked the idea that one day I would surround myself with my children and relatives to help me with the business.”

A trademark of the Picchiotti collections is the heavy emphasis on colored gemstones.  Customers often look for the “unmistakable color accent” that is not easy to find anywhere else, owing to Picchiotti’s passion for stones and expertise in colored gems.  While Mr. Picchiotti oversees every aspect of the design and manufacturing process, he also spends much of his time searching the world for those rare stones that highlight his collections. Often, his travels result in the discovery of stones of such incredible size, beauty and uniqueness that they become the inspiration for his signature pieces.

Picchiotti’s jewelry is favored by the fashion conscious, sophisticated woman, one who does not like to show off, but is keenly aware of the fine craftsmanship that goes into every piece. It serves the desire of all those who appreciate the beauty of these finely designed and treasured pieces of jewelry.  The shapes are soft, sinuous, and very feminine, the goal being to find a balance between the harmonious shapes found in nature and the clean lines found in architecture, Picchiotti’s true sources of inspiration.  Examples of this can be seen in the Blossom Collection, which possess a fluidity that blends beautifully with the organic nature of each piece.  

In addition to classically elegant pieces—the basics of all Picchiotti collections—new pieces demonstrating youthful and vibrant fashions have been designed to meet the taste of a young, stylish audience.

The company’s dedication to excellence in the art of designing and manufacturing has been recognized by the industry through several awards, including the Basel Award, Couture Design Award, and House Beautiful Award.  

Giuseppe Picchiotti, just like the remarkable jewelry which bears his distinctive mark, began a tradition of design mastery that will live on through generations—one marked by fine craftsmanship and a grand passion for excellence in jewelry design.
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