The Bride's Attendants
A gift of jewelry is the ultimate thank you for your bridal party
They’ve always been there for you. They’re your sisters, your closest friends, your future in-laws, your bridesmaids. So, how do you thank them for all they’ve done for you? For ages, brides have turned to jewelry as a reflection of their appreciation to the women who have been an integral part of their lives and who will stand beside them on their wedding day. Industry insiders say the tradition is not only still alive, but seems stronger now than ever.

Delicate Design
If you’re like most brides, your budget will likely be top of mind during every wedding decision, including that of how to thank your bridesmaids for their support over time and contributions to your big day. While you may think budgetary concerns preclude you from giving the gift of fine jewelry, think again. If there is one event never ignored by jewelry designers it’s the occasion of a wedding complete with precious metals and stones to suit any style and any budget.

Designers say that, when it comes to selecting pieces for the bridal party, more often than not, delicate designs win over more brides than larger statement pieces. The decision reflects both the desire to create a sophisticated look for the bridesmaids, one that doesn’t overpower their dresses, the flowers or, of course, the bride herself, and also to gift them with something special without breaking the bank.

Designer Pratima Sethi, of Sethi Couture, says the most commonly selected pieces capture “a look of daintiness but perhaps with a special detail unique to the couple.” For example, a pendant where the center stone can be customized to reflect an individual wedding’s style or color theme.

Bridal Favorites
Cultured pearls, primarily white, still rank among the most popular choices for the bride’s best ladies and, regardless of the metal or stone, necklaces and stud earrings seem to reign as the most popular selections, in part because they can typically be easily incorporated into the attendants everyday lives following the ceremony.

Other options that can make an impact without being overwhelming financially or fashionably are gemstone stud earrings to match the colors of the bridesmaid’s dresses or thinner bangle bracelets. At Vahan, for example, thinner 4mm bangle bracelets are some of the pieces that have resonated with brides when choosing gifts for their attendants. The company says the appeal of the bracelets is that they “are well priced but still have visual impact.” The choice also gives your best girls the opportunity to stack your gift with other bracelets to create a look all their own in the future.

Flower Children
To make the gift an even more special one, there is always the opportunity to design something unique for the occasion or even for each individual attendant. More and more, it seems if anyone is going to get truly special treatment -- anyone beyond the bride, of course -- it’s the flower girl.

Adeler Jewelers, for example, has consulted with brides to create items like little pins with flower charms dangling from them for a bride’s flower girls. And Vahan offers modified stud earrings that can also be worn on a chain so that the same pieces can be worn by the bridesmaids and the younger girls in the wedding party as well.

Sethi says that having two little girls of her own inspires her to create special pieces that may “appeal to the flower girls and feel special to them for that day.” It’s a place to really make an emotional impact and create a bond the girls with be reminded of throughout their lives as they incorporate the piece into their style as they age.

For the Boys
Gifts for the groomsmen, though still often personalized, historically tend to items such as flasks, money clips and other items that can be monogrammed, allowing for a personal touch without stepping out of the masculine. But jewelry designers have options for this side of the aisle as well.

While men are increasingly comfortable with the idea of making their own jewelry statement, one surefire item that can carry any well-dressed man into the future is a classy set of cuff links. Many of the same jewelry designers who will craft something special for your bridesmaids also offer cuff link options that can, again, be tied into the color theme of the wedding and be something the men can use in their daily lives as well.
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