Prologue’s Magnificent Unpredictability
Prologue is an innovative and daring group of companies established to create unforgettable jewelry and objets d’art.  Prologue’s fine jewelry is unpredictable, and full of color and character.  Challenging designs, unusual settings and vivid stone combinations are all used to make every detail extraordinary, yet all of Prologue’s boutique jewelry is easily wearable, modern and sophisticated.  Daring designs, using vibrant colors and striking elements of shape with movement, enhance any individual style.

Pedro de Aranda, the President of Prologue Group, is a GIA gemologist with more than 30 years’ experience in the worldwide jewelry industry.  He created Prologue to fulfill the needs of retailers and private clients by way of imaginative and creative design, combining competitive pricing with versatile manufacturing.

Pedro started his career in Valenza and Paris, and moved to New York and Montreal, where he qualified as a gemologist.  Pedro then held positions of senior management and consultancy with renowned jewelers and watch manufacturers until 1989, when he saw an opportunity in the market to start a company that created daring jewelry and innovative objets d’art.

One example of Prologue’s fine jewelry derives from The Legend Collection, which was inspired by Earth, Fire, Wind and Water.  The delicate Butterfly Earrings and Necklace Set is shown with diamond, Paraiba tourmaline, ruby, blue, yellow and pink sapphire, tsavorite and mother of pearl, all in 18kt yellow, pink gold with black rhodium.

Prologue’s objets d’art are often unique pieces, each made to a specific design order, from State gift to sporting trophy, corporate to collectors.  Many different materials are used, combined with precision techniques, including hand carving and engraving.  Each object can be simple or extremely complex, using automation, light and sound to bring the piece to life.

Fantasy Wings is a perfume set that brings together the simplicity of a Japanese style bronze tree and the vibrant colors of the different butterflies nestling on the branches.  The center floral bouquet holds sterling silver flowers and leaves of 18kt yellow, white and pink gold plate, some set with red, yellow, pink, blue and green sapphire and tsavorite.  All butterflies are sculpted in sterling silver, hand airbrushed and lacquered.  Five crystal perfume bottles with delicate butterfly stoppers stand on a turning lazy Suzan base.  

With workshops in the UK, Thailand and Germany, Pedro oversees a dedicated team of artists, graphic designers and craftspeople who emulate his enthusiasm and passion for the luxury business of jewelry, objets d’art and design.

Prologue pride themselves on their research into heritage, culture and materials to ensure the finished piece accurately interprets the original design.  With every piece, inspiration is drawn from the past, reflects the present and always looks to the future.

Prologue’s aim is to fulfill the needs of their clients by way of imaginative and creative design combined with versatile manufacturing and competitive pricing.  The Prologue philosophy is: “The greater the challenge, the more magnificent the piece.”
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