Tamara Comolli’s Unmistakable Playfulness
The Tamara Comolli Fine Jewelry Collection was founded in 1992, a short time after Tamara Comolli she left the business world to pursue her passion for gemstones and jewelry.  Although she started then as a single artist, she already had the vision of her own company and brand.  Today, that company now resembles a much larger and rapidly expanding organization, with a head office based in Germany and production centered in Italy.

Tamara Comolli’s love of gemstones and her vision for a collection began early.  Having been raised in the glamorous world of European high-society, surrounded by the trappings of wealth and luxurious jewelry, it was inevitable that this influence would lead her into this profession.  As a child she had created modern jewelry from family heirlooms, dedicating herself to the world of endless color.  Today, even though she works with a wide variety of different colored gemstones, her true passion remains the sapphire and Paraiba tourmaline.

In the beginning, Tamara’s enthusiasm for colored gemstones was more of a hobby than a business. She studied gems, traveled to the mines, and collected her favorite stones. When she launched her business, the intention was to create a brand that appeals to an international female clientele, and she had much success doing so.  By 2008, her first stand-alone boutique opened its doors in Southampton, NY, followed by a second store a year later in Rottach Egern on Lake Tegernsee in Bavaria.

Tamara Comolli's jewelry combines a sense of understatement and playfulness.  “My jewelry should be worn every day," she insists, "away from intimidation and with a casual understatement, even for very high end items!  Jewelry does not belong in a safe and does not need a special occasion. Women want to express their personality not only with their clothing, but also with their choice of jewelry."

With steady growth continuing within the company, the diversity of the collection with its unique designs grows as well. Each collection has a name which tells a story and shows the playfulness and originality of the designer.

The company logo—a drop in the color of turquoise—represents the sensuality of the collection. The light blue-to-turquoise colors reflect two things in the life of Tamara Comolli:  her love of the intensely colored ocean meeting beautiful beaches, and her desire for warm destinations. The Signature Drop thus represents more than just her company logo. It embodies water. As a ring, a clasp, a stone setting or even as a golden pendant for every day, the drop appears throughout the collection. It is the hallmark of each design since the very beginning.

Classic bracelets are defined by Tamara Comolli, with precious stones present in her Always Diamonds or Hourglass collections. The bracelets of her Mikado collection are now very recognizable and part of the company logo featuring the acorn shaped gemstones that have become signature elements within her designs. The Grapes collection shows pearls in a different light, and with her Roulette collection, she has re-launched the coin bracelets. The Signature Collection combines the simple elegance of the Signature Drop and continues with gemstones in the playful and feminine Snowflakes collection.    

Tamara Comolli jewelry is known to create conversation pieces. This also becomes apparent in the 3D pendants, which combine three gemstones in a way that exhibits the stone and not the setting. It can be worn on a simple leather ribbon on the wrist, a form that lead to the creation of a fan club, making the pendants quite recognizable. The key to the collection is the ability to combine the separate pieces, always creating a new look and a new design.

The collection is playful, inventive and casual yet elegant, displaying bright colors in an underlying combination and symmetry. These are Tamara Comolli’s Color Stories: Caribbean, Mandarin, Hollywood, Marrakech, Candy, Indian Summer, Sun, Sixties, Bohemian, Hamptons, Baby and Wildberry or Chocolat are simply a taste of the over 20 different stories.  Everyone can find and create her own Tamara Comolli look.
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