The Wearable Art of Yvel
Founded in 1986 by Orna and Isaac Levy, Yvel continues a family tradition of creating exquisite top-of-the-line jewelry designs featuring pearls and gold in different colors.  The aesthetic philosophy of Yvel treats pearls as material for art, not commodities.  This creative approach shines through all Yvel’s collections, treating the pearl not just as a gem, but as an inspiration.

Realizing the highest levels of quality both in material and artistry, Yvel’s exclusive designs can be found in the finest jewelry stores all over the world.  Yvel (a mirror image of its founder’s surname) is most definitely one of the leading designers in fine jewelry, and its customers cherish these unique creations.

“People were demanding jewelry that was truly different and of the utmost quality.  They literally wanted their jewelry to be pieces of wearable art,” explains Isaac.

Yvel’s four main collections:  The Biwa Collection, the Golden Brown Collection, the Rainbow Collection, and the One of a Kind Collection, exhibit a particular attention to detail, keeping the pearl at the center of the design.

The One of a Kind Collection is carefully crafted through years of collecting rare pearls and gem stones, and assembling them together with 18k gold and diamonds as a fine piece of art.  It is a sophisticated collection created not for the sake of fashion, but for the sake of passion.  

Isaac Levy was born in Argentina in 1958 and immigrated to Israel with his parents in 1963.  Recognizing the difficulties of moving to a new country and the memories of a childhood as an immigrant, he promised himself that should he ever have the opportunity to show a different way of embracing immigrants in Israel, he would do so.  The opportunity indeed presented itself when Orna and Isaac founded their company, establishing the brand name Yvel.

In 2007, Yvel captured the hearts of pearl lovers with the spectacular winning piece:  a flower brooch, which combines natural white wild fresh water pearls set with diamonds in 18k white gold.  It was inspired by Orna and Isaac’s love of and appreciation for nature.  “We respect all things that come from nature,” says Isaac.  “I wanted to create something that would show the natural beauty of the pearls. This flower brooch started as a nine-petal flower that kept blossoming to this final look, containing 21 pearl petals.

Yvel has become the leading fashion pearl designer of the new millennium, presenting innovative and creative designs that are fashion-forward.  Together, Orna and Isaac have managed to create sophisticated and sensual collections that succeed in bringing traditional pearl lovers a young and exotic look that appeals to all women of today.
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