The Bride and her Pearls
A centuries-old tradition moves gracefully into modern times
It’s a time-honored love affair: the bride and her pearls. Pearls have been the traditional choice of brides across many cultures for centuries. Some maintain the connection spans back to Ancient Greece where it was believed pearls would promote marital bliss and prevent the newlywed from crying. Others believe the attraction always has been the symbolism of the pearl for romance, elegance and femininity. Still others view them from the fashion perspective, calling pearls timeless and traditional, pure and coveted.

For many families, however, pearls achieve an heirloom status that serves to complete the wedding day; a treasured piece passed from mother to daughter again and again until the stories behind the strands are as much a part of their design as their hue. “There’s that sense of family the bride feels through the passing of a loved one’s most cherished piece from generation to generation,” says Mastoloni’s Dana Cali. “As she enters into her future, she has a little piece of her past that will always remain with her.”

Pearls in Fashion
Bridal trends always are very much in sync with fashion trends overall with everything from necklines to hemlines changing from year to year, even from season to season. It holds then that the jewelry styles too must change and evolve and be ready for whatever fashion brings next. This is where today’s pearl designs can surprise those who’ve chosen to view them as strictly a traditional decision.

That classic pearl collar or single strand, the choker neckline style, along with basic pearl studs for the ears, always will be there as the traditional standard for many a bride. It has, however, become much more common to see fashion-forward brides taking those traditional pearls and doing something new with them, something perhaps that speaks more to them as individuals with individual styles of adornment.

Modern Brides
Modern-day accessorizing is finding brides wrapping ropes of pearls to give the illusion of multi-strand necklaces; piling on multiple strands using differing colors, shapes and sizes of pearls for a more personal statement; and going for pearl and diamond earrings rich with the warm golden hues of the South Seas.

Discerning pearl lovers know that choosing a pearl involves careful selection; you want that beautiful luster and a fine, smooth surface. But today there’s also a bride who wants to experiment with the unique shapes and even the exotic colors that pearls can offer, who wants to let the pearls’ natural difference shine through, allowing their own individuality as brides to be revealed in the process. Earrings, bracelets, pendants, and rings combining colors and precious metals, taking their wearers from day-to-night, from casual to elegant are becoming more and more prevalent.

Beyond Brides
Pearls are embracing an element of versatility they didn’t always flaunt. In natural forms or polished to perfection, pearls today are providing options to make any fashionable woman’s ensemble complete. They’ve moved beyond the stigma of being strictly for brides or buttoned-up denizens of traditional style and it’s progress that’s well deserved.

The variety of styles available today are for certain helping the new viewpoint along and elevating the pearl to new heights of fashion favoritism. Lovers of the classic strand will never be left behind, but newcomers with a passion for fashion beyond the classics can now look to pearls as well and discover designs that suit myriad fashion directions and personal style perspectives as well.
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