One To Watch: Charles Sherman

For Charles Sherman, the quest for beauty, truth and “promoting the positive” is the foundation of his life and artistic expression and therefore naturally reflected in both his jewelry and sculpture. In fact, his jewelry designs, which he considers “sculptures in miniature,” symbolize spiritual concepts and qualities such as love, atonement, healing, harmony, serenity, sacred geometry, the Kabbalah and the Absolute. “My designs are intended to express these concepts and enhance these qualities in those who wear them,” Sherman says.

Born in 1947 in Atlantic City, N.J., Sherman has studied ancient civilizations, world cultures, religions and sacred geometry. The harmonic ratios of sacred geometry, in particular, provide him with a basis for methodically planning the form of a design concept. He also discovers the simple yet elegant designs he prefers through spiritual contemplation.

Since 2002, Sherman has also investigated sculptural forms that express the concept of infinity, especially the three-dimensional Moebius (infinity) ring, which he has interpreted in a variety of materials, including gold, silver, bronze, stainless steel, ceramic and glass. His sterling silver Heart of Infinite Love pendant, for instance, shown below, is a true infinity ring in that its contours have no beginning or end. As such, it’s a deeply meaningful symbol of everlasting love and the healing power of love. Paralleling ancient Feng Shui principles, its continuous circular nature also promotes infinite abundance, healing, harmony and serenity.

Sherman’s sterling silver The Trinity Cross, meanwhile, also shown below, was inspired by The Holy Trinity and designed as eight triangles: The front view is a triangle that is wide at the bottom and thin at the top, while the side view is a triangle that is thin at the bottom and wide at the top. The design can be interpreted as the pointing to and the meeting of two directions: God’s divine love for humanity and humanity’s love for God. The piece is so special that it won first place in the category of Inspirational Jewelry Design at the 2012 JCK Jeweler’s Choice Awards and has been acknowledged by Pope Francis, a fitting testament to Sherman’s desire “to become the best artist and human being I can be.”

Los Angeles, California

Charles Sherman was chosen as one of 10 designers in the New Designer Gallery at the 2014 Jewelers of America New York Summer Show. Since 1977, the New Designer Gallery has been the launching pad for some of today’s most prominent jewelry designers, assisting them in developing their careers while gaining recognition for their talents.
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