One To Watch: Anita Sondore

As a jewelry designer, Anita Sondore compares her art to that of a painter. She observes the world around her for inspiration and then “paints” its pulse into beautiful jeweled works of art. “My jewelry tells my own story. It’s a mirror of its time,” she says. “There are [within it] personalities, individuals, living, breathing, ringing with a deep thought and a message in their hearts.”

The granddaughter of a blacksmith, Sondore’s technique is to forge and carve metal, and then embellish it with gems. Her Sounds of Silence collection exemplifies this in its homage to the Art Nouveau style of the architecture found in Riga, the capital city of Latvia, which incorporates aspects of Latvian cultural life. For instance, the Soul ring, pictured below, crafted from yellow gold plated with brown rhodium, two-toned enamel, brown diamonds and tourmaline, integrates the Latvian signs of Jumis, the three stars, Laima’s broom and Mara’s zigzag.

The piece to Sondore has much to say, particularly about authenticity and a free spirit. As such, it carries a message that the designer instills in all of her work: One that is clearly striking and full of energy.

Riga, Latvia

Anita Sondore was chosen as one of 10 designers in the New Designer Gallery at the 2014 Jewelers of America New York Summer Show. Since 1977, the New Designer Gallery has been the launching pad for some of today’s most prominent jewelry designers, assisting them in developing their careers while gaining recognition for their talents.
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