One To Watch: Myrto Anastasopoulou

With a primarily sculptural aesthetic, Myrto Anastasopoulou designs jewelry that both attracts the eye and challenges the mind, yet remains true to the nature of jewelry as the art of extroversion, a celebration of the human desire to decorate the body as a statement of personal character.

Her pieces are informed by her studies and work in stage design at the University of the Arts in London—Central Saint Martins. There she discovered a love for sculpture and so continued her studies at the Athens School of Fine Arts in Greece. She then went on to study and work in art therapy for several years. She had never envisioned herself as a jewelry designer until she took a class in wax carving and immediately became fascinated with “the intricate craft, its sculptural dynamic and the multitude of possibilities it heralds,” she says.

To Anastasopoulou, there are no limits to her creativity. Every design idea is meticulously explored as she pushes the boundaries of shape and form inspired by such things as people and the human body. “People, with their strengths and their pains, their resilience and their flaws, in all their entirety, stimulate a creative quest,” she says. “They simultaneously become both the inspirational foreground and background for creation.” Parallel to that, Anastasopoulou feeds off “the richness, diversity and integrity of form found in all the structures of nature, the wealth of architecture, the heavyweights of sculpture and the visual depths of history.”

Anastasopoulou handcrafts the pieces herself, placing high importance on superior craftsmanship that highlights the dynamics of the shapes and forms and celebrates the inherent qualities of the metals and gemstones. Her Maxime collection, a bracelet from which is shown below, exemplifies this with black rhodium-plated sterling silver and rubies set in pink gold producing an eloquence, integrity and gracefulness to accentuate and revere a woman’s uniqueness and dynamism.

London, United Kingdom

Myrto Anastasopoulou was chosen as one of 10 designers in the New Designer Gallery at the 2014 Jewelers of America New York Summer Show. Since 1977, the New Designer Gallery has been the launching pad for some of today’s most prominent jewelry designers, assisting them in developing their careers while gaining recognition for their talents.
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