Platinum Pieces Perfect for Bridal
Every year for the last six years, the U.S. division of Platinum Guild International—a worldwide marketing organization dedicated to creating consumer awareness for platinum jewelry—has been hosting the Platinum Innovation Awards, a competition that challenges designers exhibiting at a major jewelry trade show to come up with their most innovative platinum bridal and fashion designs.

As many of you are probably aware, platinum is a grayish-white metal found in very few places around the world; in fact, it’s considered 30 times more rare than gold. Its color is natural, so unlike white gold, it never fades or needs to be replated. It’s also typically 95 percent pure making it naturally hypoallergenic and ideal for those with sensitive skin. Platinum is also ductile and malleable yet noncorroding, allowing it to be fashioned into intricate jewelry that can hold precious gems securely and withstand everyday wear. As such, these qualities make platinum a more expensive metal, but unequalled in terms of purity, strength and durability, making it a perfect choice for producing jewelry and watches that last a lifetime.

For this year’s competition, designers were asked to create with platinum in a variety of categories, from engagement rings and wedding bands to fashion jewelry. There was also a “Best in Show” award, which was selected by a panel of industry experts, including retailers such as Omaha, Neb.-based Borsheims, and consumer and trade media such as Martha Stewart Weddings and The Knot.

Here, then, are the winning designers in each category and their luminous creations, each of which is an outstanding choice to propose with, exchange vows with or to wear as an accessory on the “big day.”

Platinum Bridal Jewelry
  • Allium Links of Love engagement ring featuring a diamond center stone and diamond accents set in platinum by Fine Jewels of NYC.
  • Elysium men’s wedding band featuring a multi-crystal black-diamond matrix framed by platinum inlaid with diamonds by Lashbrook Designs.
  • Orion’s Belt platinum men’s band featuring the constellation detailed in diamonds by Crown Ring.

Platinum Fashion Jewelry
  • Ice ring featuring levels of baguette-cut and round-shaped diamonds leading to a 3.4-carat peach diamond set in platinum by Kristin Hanson.
  • Cat’s Eye ring featuring a cat’s eye chrysoberyl and diamonds set in platinum by Oscar Heyman.
  • Embrace ring featuring a pear-shaped emerald, pear-shaped blue sapphire and diamonds set in platinum by Rahaminov.

Entry Platinum Jewelry  (semi-mount engagement rings and other)
  • Eleganza engagement ring featuring a diamond center stone and braided double shank in platinum by Danhov.
  • Lyria engagement ring featuring a diamond center stone and diamond accents set in platinum by Parade Design.
  • Selen engagement ring featuring a diamond center stone framed in platinum with 18-karat rose gold accents by LX Antwerp.

Best in Show
  • Cage pendant in platinum featuring a central round-shaped diamond and diamond accents by Stuller.
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