Gallery Lease

Register as an exhibitor to lease a gallery, display and sell your product and advertise your company brand.

You will gain access to exclusive special exhibitor tools, where you can:
1. Upload and manage your jewelry gallery.
2. Create and display your company profile.
3. Upload and manage your ads.

Gallery lease is  FREE.    

Membership includes:
     • Lease of a gallery with a 1000-item capacity.
     • Company profile.
     • Company advertising section.

Completion of the registration form does not guarantee membership.
Membership is subject to approval by Luxury Jewels 24 Magazine.
Luxury Jewels 24 Magazine reserves the right to reject or delete jewelry items that are not suitable to the site.
Luxury Jewels24 Magazine reserves the right to cancel a membership at its sole discretion.
Ramon Joiers
Palmiero Italy
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