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Jenny Perl
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When it comes to fine Jewelry, one company has emerged as a style setter above the rest. In her nearlt three decades of experience as a fine jewelry designer, Jenny Perl is a woman owned company that designs jewelry for women. She has been offering discerning clientele exquisitely styled necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings and brooches in all gold, diamond and colored stone combinations. With an emphasis on quality, paired with sophisticated styling, Jenny Perl has outpaced the industry with advanced trends in designs that are represented in the finest jewelry stores throughout the United States.
Supreme craftsmanship and attention to detail earned Jenny Perl AGS’S Award for Gold Design. Jenny was further honored by being selected as part of the World Gold Council’s, Beyond the Basics, gold jewelry collection, edited by a Blue Ribbon Panel of industry experts for outstanding design of new fashion forward god jewelry.
Jenny believes jewelry is a wearable work of art; it is an investment to be kept and worn for lifetime.

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Jenny Perl for JMP Associates
2730 University Blvd. W
Suite 718
Silver Spring, Maryland 20902
Jenny Perl
Anya Skraban

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