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Mattioli was founded in 1860 in Torino, Italy as Antica Ditta Marchisio and is the oldest manufacturing jeweler in the region.

Specializing in hand crafted gold jewelry, the company became renowned as the manufacturer of high quality gold collections for the top luxury brands of the world.

The valuable experience acquired as a manufacturer of the top gold jewelry lines led the company to create and launch its own jewelry collection, marketed under the brand name Mattioli. The main features in the fashionable jewels are its hand-made quality, versatility, wearability and a very interesting price range.

Completely handcrafted, easy and pleasant to wear, the jewelry is stylish and fashionable with a classic touch.

Mattioli designs are now very well known and widely appreciated on the Italian and European markets. The success obtained in those markets has encouraged the company to launch in the United States. Offered exclusively in selected prominent jewelers, the Collection appeals to a fashion conscious customer who has a self-assured sense of style.

“Families” within the Mattioli Collection have creations that flow in a whimsical, comfortable way that feel like silk on the skin. The unique use of diamonds in the suspended links creates a beautiful, sparkling effect that is sure to be noticed. This effect, combined with the creative use of color and materials in the Collection, sets Mattioli apart and above.

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Mattioli USA Corp.
145 Huguenot St.
New Rochelle, New York 10801
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