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ANITA SONDORE creates contemporary jewellery of the highest level of excellence, using gemstones and metals of exquisite quality. At the heart of the brand is the distinguished Rome school of jewellery where the brand’s creator developed her mastery over many years with the Ermini family,Italy.
The ANITA SONDORE brand has been created by jeweller Anita Savicka, from Riga, Latvia.

The collection is based on Latvian ethnographic ornaments; however, ANITA SONDORE has endowed the already beautiful heritage with other, new traits, creating striking, unusual forms and colour combinations. The collection uses gold, diamonds, tourmaline, moonstone and amethysts. Furthermore, the SOUNDS OF SILENCE collection also uses elements like Mother of Pearl, different coloured diamonds, enamel and rhodium. Every piece of jewellery has been created with powerful energy, a message, created for strong, creative, flowering people.

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Mort Abelson New Designer of the Year Award Nominee 2014 – Jewelers of America – New York

Anita Sondore
Tallinas 92a-3
Riga, LV1009
Anita Savicka
Gustaf Kugelberg

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