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A leading creator of fine Italian jewelry, Andreoli has been pleasing customers around the world for a century and a half. Established in 1845 in Valenza- one of the Italy's premiere jewelry cities- Andreoli fast became known for supplying some of the most scintillating, exclusive precious stones. In 1920, Andreoli launched its artful finished jewelry collection and eventually went on to receive commission from royalty from around the world.

Something truly remarkable occurs at Andreoli’s headquarters in Valenza: a team of top designers gathers together to propose hundreds of designs, from which only a few are produced. This is where, then, the hunt begins to find the perfect stones that will best give body to the ineffable aura of each piece.

Andreoli continues to innovate and expand the notion of what jewelry can be. For the last five years, the brand has been creating pieces in titanium, an ultra light metal that is also quite difficult to work with. The use of titanium is just one of the factors that set Andreoli apart from the crowd. At the haute jewelry level, it is the tiny details, unnoticeable to anyone but the true jewelry connoisseur, which makes all the difference.

Amid all the inventive techniques and unique designs, there is one major goal at Andreoli – for women to love Andreoli jewelry and to feel comfortable wearing it. More than a single adornment, Andreoli’s jewelry is a living thing: the vibrant colors and lacy details in hidden places fit the style of every woman and enhance her natural beauty.

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