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Jack Abraham has been in the Gem and Jewelry business since 1962. From the beginning his passion for gemstones was evident, as he specialized in loose rubies, sapphires and emeralds. In 1979 Precious Gem Resources Inc. was founded and his inventory evolved into including magnificent one-of-a-kind masterpieces as well. Mr. Abraham searches the world for the top quality rubies, sapphires and emeralds, and specializes in the rarest gemstones ranging from medium to top gem quality rubies from 2 to 20 carats, and sapphires from 4 to 70 carats. He imports rubies from Burma, Ceylon & Madagascar from Columbia, Zambia & Brazil. His extensive knowledge makes Jack Abraham the forerunner in providing high end gems, and his invaluable experience and advice has been sought to be printed in industry magazines and prestigious periodicals such as Gems & Gemology, National Jeweler, JCK, Professional Jeweler, National Geographic, Forbes, Barron's, Financial Planner & Time Magazine. Mr. Abraham's expertise and gorgeous gemstone collections have also been printed in several "How to Buy" Gems and Jewelery informational books.

Every gemstone purchased and sold by Jack Abraham the precious Collection passes through an in-depth analysis of color, hue, clarity, cut, origin, enhancement, texture, zoning, brilliance, secondary color, negative modifying color, etc., and most importantly how all these variables impact look and value of the gemstone.

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