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ZORAB Atelier de Creation was established in 1994 by Zohrab and Arsine Istanboulian to cater to the exacting tastes of their discerning clientele. Together with their son Henri and daughter Liza, they continue to serve their customers with the keen aesthetics of a consummate artiste.

For more than 35 years, Zohrab Istanboulian and his wife Arsine have created amazing and astonishingly wonderful designs, leaving an indelible and unique mark on the jeweler industry. Now, more than three decades later, their dynamism and creativity continue to dazzle and astound the luxury world.

Innovation should come as second nature to Zohrab and Arsine, who come from an illustrious family of Lebanese-Armenian jewelers. Their artistic sensibilities, having been shaped by the diverse cultures of the continents they have travelled to and lived in, bring the fine art of jeweler-making to new levels.

Zohrab and Arsine have devoted their lives to pursuing jewelry-creation of the highest standards and quality, and have constantly studied and explored new concepts in jewelry-making techniques, in order to create bold, new, groundbreaking designs. Their painstaking efforts brought new dimensions of jewelry design to the industry and have never ceased to amaze and delight their international clientele, which included royalty, celebrities and high society alike.

Jewellery is in Henri Istanboulian’s blood. Having essentially grown up in multi-cultural environments and exposed to various forms of creativity and arts since young, the role of designer and artist comes naturally to Henri. Having been immersed in the world of fine jewelry creation by his parents, Henri’s dedication to the craft is unparalleled.

Given that his family traveled extensively, Henri continues to travel far and wide for inspiration. Invariably, Henri finds himself drawn to the beauty and splendor of nature.
Using nature as a guide and color and texture as his creative compass, Henri’s designs are imbibed with a certain a joie de vivre – or a zest for life.

Henri’s creations are imbued with great energy and take on fantastical elements. His daring and exceptional pieces are fruits of a labor of love, spending long hours translating inspirational ideas into elaborately- detailed designs. At the same time, Henri also exercises the utmost care in ensuring nothing but the highest standard of quality in his creations. Regardless of the personality of the piece, each is one-of-a-kind, handcrafted, and lovingly assembled.

A normal jeweler might take several scant weeks to put together a collection. Henri’s collections usually take up to six to eight months to complete; the authenticity of each and every piece is proudly affirmed by the branding of a lion’s head – the Atelier’s logo – and an individualized serial number as a finishing touch.

Henri Istanboulian’s vision is about creating unique and inimitable jewelry just as ZORAB is committed to creating original fine jewelry of the highest quality and standards.

More than just jewelry, ZORAB’s designs are works-of-art and masterpieces in themselves. Distinctive and often one-of-a–kind, ZORAB’s creations are carefully handcrafted, and lovingly translated from inspired designs.

From design to the meticulous selection of stones, to polishing, crafting and right down to the production of their signature rose gold – the same unyielding standards and enthusiastic creativity are being applied at every stage and step of the creation process.

Their designs are manifestations of inspired dreams, which serve to stir up passions within any person who beholds a ZORAB creation. The jewels are expressions of desires and emotions and presented in a blossom of colors and forms.

At times primal, at times whimsical, or just simply bold and luxurious - there is never a dull moment with ZORAB’s jewelry, given their unique and provocative nature.

ZORAB’s jewelry appeals to the woman with taste and style and who is not afraid to express herself. It allows her to be in touch with her emotions and reflects her personality and individuality.

Above all, ZORAB’s jewelry is the fashion statement of today, and the heirloom of tomorrow.

ZORAB Atelier de Creation presents their latest exciting Masterpiece collection. Conceptualized and created by Henri Istanboulian, the collection consists of several inspired lines of luxurious jewelry pieces –Sauvage, Kohar, Fashionista and Carnaval.

ZORAB Atelier de Creation presents their latest exciting Masterpiece collection, “Kohar”. Inspiration for this line of luxurious jewelry pieces was born from the love story between the creator, Zohrab Istanboulian and his wife, Arsine. Red being the romantic, everlasting color of love and as a promise of their love for each other, they started collecting pieces of rubies from the time they met. Large rubies take pride center stage in this collection. Surrounded by pure, dazzling black and white diamonds and set in rose gold, it is sumptuous enough to set any woman’s heart afire

Is that a glint in the eye of a panther staring out dangerously? Or light glistening from the sinuous contours of a snake lying in wait? How about a lizard coiling playfully around a precious Tahiti pearl? Be mesmerized by this collection with its vivid colors and lively form. Go on…take a walk on the wild side.

For the woman who has everything – style, taste, elegance. All she needs is a ring from this collection to complete her look. Bold, outstanding and elegant - large stunning stones form the centerpiece of the jewelry pieces and are surrounded by gemstones in rainbow hues. The rings are available in rose gold with sapphires, spinel, garnet, white pearl, black and white diamonds.

Intriguing, mysterious and exotic – All these come to mind as one beholds the inimitable and exceptional piece of this collection. The mask may be a perfect accessory to hide one’s face; but it will be difficult to mask one’s emotions of desire and craving after having set your eyes on this creation.

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Zorab Atelier De Creation-USA
7644 Mona Lane
San Diego, California 92130
Liza Istanboulian

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