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Since the company's early beginnings in Europe to its present location in Los Angeles, California, Rahaminov Diamonds has built its foundation on trust, honesty, and reliability for over 65 years.

Tamara Rahaminov - Goldfiner, daughter of Moshe Rahaminov, and her husband Amir Goldfiner are dedicated to remaining true to Rahaminov Diamond European heritage while incorporating exquisite and fashionable jewelry designs.

A supplier of diamonds up to 50 carats with beautiful cuts, Rahaminov Diamonds is internationally known as a manufacturer of unique jewelry as well. Our exclusive connection to the world diamond-cutting market enables us to offer our customers a wide range of choices in all sizes at competitive prices. In addition to an amazing inventory of unique large diamonds, Rahaminov Diamonds is widely recognized for its stunning platinum and gold jewelry collection with its finest diamonds as center stones.

Rahaminov Diamonds is committed to providing the highest quality stones, and are proud that many of our best customers are also close friends. We offer an exceptional buying experience as our expertise and personal attention allows you to select the diamond that is right for you.

The Kifani Collection
Mysterious and Unique

Colored polished rough diamond jewelry

How are these diamonds different than other diamonds?
Polished rough diamonds: an oxymoron? These are rough which are partially polished and are found in mines with natural colored diamonds. Most rough are cut into standard shapes (round, cushion etc), then completely polished. Polished rough are cut without changing their basic shape. The faceting is done according to the natural configuration of the stone
And often have a minimal amount of facets. Tamara Rahaminov Goldfiner
White and traditional fancy colored diamonds tend to be more transparent, and transmit light. These diamonds are translucent (light passes partially through) and opaque (light does not pass through). The artistic inclusions in many of the stones are arranged in patterns with picturesque scenes reminiscent of modern art or landscaping, adding further to their uniqueness. Each stone is different than any other.

An exclusive new eco-chic jewelry line
One day, Tamara Rahaminov Goldfiner bought several diamond slices. The free form shapes fascinated her because of the different sizes, colors, and textures. She found that the material aroused her creativity, and the designer created several jewelry pieces which were strongly received by her friends. Every piece she made available was sold, a process which ultimately evolved into the new line.
These enigmatic natural colored diamonds come in reds, browns, greens, grays and peach translucent and opaque colors. The unusual stones come in a range of cuts which includes fancy shapes, rose cuts, beads, and diamond slices (tablets, sometimes called “icy diamonds”), and are artfully transformed into jewelry with hand made designs made to resemble each diamonds natural state. The extraordinary result is breathtaking, stylish one-of-a kind jewelry unlike any other.

How is the jewelry designed?
Rahaminov searches the world for this hard to find product. Because larger rough is scarce, they often recut some of the material. Tamara only selects stones that inspire her and provoke her passion, diamonds that ‘do’ something to her. She immediately has a vision about what type of jewelry to create which matches the intrinsic qualities of the stone. The final piece must make a statement, and balance, scale, and multiple uses (where possible) are important considerations in the design. For example, some necklaces can be worn as bracelets, or wrapped to create different lengths. Painstaking effort is used to insure that every detail in the manufacturing process is the highest quality, and include creations in earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings. Finally, the stone has been metamorphasized into one-of-a-kind jewelry masterpiece so unique, it can never be replicated.

Jewelry as a piece of art
For centuries, old cut stones have adorned jewelry. Contemporary fashion often attempts to simulate these traditional characteristics. By surrounding old style stones with white melee, Rahaminov has married techniques from ancient cultures to hatch modern designs which are stunningly elegant and decidedly feminine. It is a look that breaks the rules: variable polishes, unusual shapes, many angles, and multiple facets. The wide range of colors suits a variety of personalities and invokes different emotions for prospective buyers. With unparalleled craftsmanship, luxury, and vision this collection has ancestry, roots, and is timeless. There is a mystery and allure that really speaks to women who have everything and who love unique jewelry.

The audience
Today’s skyrocketing prices of white diamonds and precious metals puts beautiful diamond jewelry out of reach for many consumers. These impressive eco-jewels have a bold look which resonates with eco-customers…affordable luxury. The sensibilities of these buyers appeal to socially responsible consumers. They do not want flash and lots of bling in a world with an increasingly bleak economic outlook. But they also don’t want to look like the girl next door.
Sophisticated, fun, seductive, and always glamorous, when consumers discover this is diamond jewelry, they become that much more excited. These pieces are a beautiful addition to any woman’s jewelry collection whether they only have the basics, or to the well-bred woman who has everything and is seeking exclusivity and uncompromised luxury.

Supplies larger finely-cut white and colored diamonds, manufacturers luxury and fashion jewelry.

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Rahaminov Diamonds, Inc
550 S. Hill St.
Suite 1015
Los Angeles, California 90013
Fred Klein
Amir Goldfiner

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