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Recognized as one of America 's exclusive producers of fine pearl creations, the name Mastoloni has become synonymous with the pure beauty of exquisite cultured pearls.

For over 80 years three generations of Mastoloni have evolved into the leading American importer and manufacturer of fine quality cultured pearl jewelry and necklaces. Specializing in the exquisite Akoya and freshwater cultured pearls from Japan and China , Mastoloni also offers exotic South Sea and Tahitian pearls.

Mastoloni selects their pearls for their quality, just as brilliance shows off diamonds, so lustre shows off pearls. Each cultured pearl possesses an importance all its own. When matched together, the total quality reflects a glowing value that cannot be compared to any other type of gem.

Maintaining an office in Hong Kong , China , as well as New York , Mastoloni ensures a continual presence in the Far East providing their customers with the highest quality cultured pearls available.

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Mastoloni Pearls
415 Madison Avenue
New York, New York 10017
Edward Mastoloni
Raymond Mastoloni

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